Bioreactors are used worldwide for high-end research in life science applications to efficiently grow algae, plant and bacteria cultures. For photosynthetic active cultures light is a crucial component of the nutrition.

The submersible light provides lights over the full range of photosynthetic spectrum (PAR). Easy to adjust, the light can be modified for different growth phases to archive the desired growth rates and creation of the required substances inside the cultures.

Since it is inside the reactor the light reaches the culture in the most efficient way. Various LED configurations can be selected for maximum yield.

Key Features

  • Provides dedicated Spectrum
  • Works submersed
  • Easy to integrate
  • Robust Design
  • High Power and Efficency
  • No Heat Generation into reactor
  • Compatible with existing bioreactors


  • Trigger Stress
  • Optimize growth phase
  • Provide trigger wavelength
  • Experimental

Technical Specifications

Interfaces Power (via external PS)
USB (via external Interfacebox)
Available Wavelength See table below
Optical Power depends on chosen LED configuration
(See below)

LED Illumination

LEDs can provide a wide spectral range including critical key wavelength. Low heat generation and long life time make them ideal for highly automated environments and reduce the risk of damaged cultures. Select the wavelength you need for your cultures.

Inside Out

Since the illumination is inside the culture, light can optimal utilized and reaches more cells then outbound illuminations. Combine multiple units to scale the light input while maintaining the compact reactor size.


Control spectrum and power levels to perfectly grow your cultures. Export all the data generated by your settings to combines them with other data form your set up to fine tune your reactor. Your selected setting can retrieved again to replicate your recipes.

Availabale Wavelengths

wavelength light output max. full width at half maximum
265 nm 1.200 mW 12nm
280 nm 2.800 mW 12nm
310 nm 2.800 mW 12nm
365 nm 40.000 mW 18nm
375 nm 24.00 mW 22nm
385 nm 40.000 mW 22nm
395 nm 40.000 mW 26nm
405 nm 40.000 mW 24nm
415 nm 20.00 mW 25nm
425 nm 20.00 mW 25nm
435 nm 20.00 mW 28nm
455 nm 40.000 mW 25nm
470 nm 12.000 mW 25nm
505 nm 12.000 mW 30nm
525 nm 12.000 mW 30nm
565 nm 20.000 mW 90nm
White 36.000 mW 300nm
600 nm - 1100 nm on request on request