SPHERELight is a multi-wavelength light source for demanding applications where stable peak wavelength and high output is required. Based on LEDs various the fluorophores can be triggered individually or in groups based on discreet LEDs.

The light source is instant on and does not emit secondary spectrum in UV or IR. The LEDs are thermally stabilized to maintain a stable peak wavelength.

With a comprehensive selection of available wavelengths all common fluorophores can be exited. Minimum rise time and fast switching between the wavelengths make fluorescence microscopy easy, precise and efficient.

Custom wavelength configurations including the option for broadband LEDs are possible for all kinds of application like forensic, food testing or general chemistry applications.

Key Features

  • Six to 12 bands to address existing and future fluorophores
  • Fiber port for light guides
  • NIR options available
  • Spectral & power stability
  • Spectral purity
  • No out of band light
  • Microsecond switching of wavelength and intensity - faster than any filter wheel
  • No external filters, shutters
  • Quiet and no heat generation
  • Ideal for electrophysiology & systems sensitive to electrical noise
  • Controllable by common microscopy automation software
  • Long life > 50,000 hours and no maintenance costs
  • Easy to use

LED wavelength variety

wavelength full width at half maximum light output max. multi wavelength light output max. single wavelength
365 nm 18nm 4.000 mW 40.000 mW
375 nm 22nm 2.400 mW 24.00 mW
385 nm 22nm 5.600 mW 40.000 mW
395 nm 26nm 5.600 mW 40.000 mW
405 nm 24nm 5.600 mW 40.000 mW
415 nm 25nm 2.000 mW 20.00 mW
425 nm 25nm 2.000 mW 20.00 mW
435 nm 28nm 2.000 mW 20.00 mW
455 nm 25nm 4.000 mW 40.000 mW
470 nm 25nm 1.200 mW 12.000 mW
505 nm 30nm 1.200 mW 12.000 mW
525 nm 30nm 1.200 mW 12.000 mW
565 nm 90nm 2.000 mW 20.000 mW
White 300nm 3.600 mW 36.000 mW
600 nm - 1100 nm on request on request on request