The BIOspec control software for each BIOspec lighting system offers control of power levels and selection of wavelength depending on the product. Configure ports and create, save and load profiles for your applications.

The software comes adapted to each product and the ordered configuration. It can be extended with functionalities which are available as Upgrade Modules. Readily available upgrades are "timer", "automatic brightness control" and "automatic spectrum adaption". For further functionality custom modules can be created according to demand. Please contact us about your needs.

BIOspec basic

Select and Group

Select and control every single lamp or group a selection of lamps.

Precise Settings

Adjust each wavelength precisely with 10Bit resolution.

Save Your Settings

Load and save every spectrum configuration


Preview the forthcoming spectrum.

BIOspec Timer Module

24 h timer with 1000 repetitions or infinite, one change per minute. Drive brightness adjustment with chosen spectrum in a linear or curved manner. Compiled spectra and timer settings are displayed graphically. All scenarios can be saved and reloaded.

BIOspec Auto Brightness

Based on an external spectrometer the illumination can adapt automatically in two modes.

Modus 1: auto-adjustment to maintain ASTM G173 spectrum in order to guarantee a constant and energy-saving illumination. Modus 2: automatic in-/decrease of any optional spectrum in relation to the metered brightness for an energy-efficient operation. Graphic representation of the spectrum and logging of changes over time in a PostgreSQL database.

BIOspec Auto Spectrum

Automatic adaption and reproduction of a recorded spectrum via the UHDS-lamp. In order to use this module you will need recorded data from a spectrometer.