The BIOspec control software for each BIOspec LED lighting system can be customized by choosing and combining software modules as individually needed.
The basic module forms the basis for each individual chosen software. It can be supplemented by three standard "upgrade" modules such as "timer", "automatic brightness control" and "automatic spectrum adaption". It is also possible to implement further modules or to enhance the standard ones.

BIOspec basic

choose and group

Choose and control every single lamp or group a selection of lamps.

precise setting

Adjust each wavelength in exact 10Bit steps.

save your data

Load and save every chosen spectrum.


Preview the forthcoming spectrum (no substitution for spectrometer).

BIOspec timer module

24 h timer from 00:00 to 23:59 with repititions up to 999 times or infinite, one change per minute. Inline or curve progression brightness adjustment with chosen spectrum. Compilation of spectra and progressions to a scenario a graphing of the created scenario. All spectra and sceanrios can be saved and uploaded.

BIOspec auto brightness

Modus 1: automatic in-/decrease and reproduction of the ASTM G173 spectrum in order to guarantee a constant and engery-saving lighting. Modus 2: automatic in-/decrease of any optional spectrum in relation to the metered brightness for an energy-efficient operation. Graphic representation of the spectrum and saving in a PostgreSQL database.