With pHsense you can measure the pH range between values of 5 and 9 in liquid environments. A spectrometer measures color shifts of an indicator patch that can be applied inside a transparent container or behind a window in your installation. Since the patch is submersed it will react quickly to any pH changes of the environment. With the high resolution of 0,01 pH and high sampling rate you can get detailed measurements and can implement easily detection of any drift in your environment.

The sensor set-up can be used in chemical or life science applications. It is certified to be bio-sensitive and has been proven to not affect the environment in which it is placed.

A flexible, easy to use and reliable solution for all applications where pH sensing is required.

Key Features

  • Non-invasive
  • Low maintenance
  • Biocompatible, USP Class VI certified
  • High resolution up to 0.01 pH
Technical Specifications  
Set scope Spectrometer, light source, fibers, pH patch
Resolution Up to 0,01 pH
Pad operating Temperature 10°C-70°C
Sampling rate Up to 350 Hz
Trigger modes 4 modes
Inputs/Outputs: Onboard digital user programmable GPIOS
Interface USB, IO port (20pin), SMA 905 connector
Software Preconfigured for pH measurement, easy data export for own data analyses

Components of a complete Set

  • Spectrometer
  • Tungsten halogen source
  • Bifurcated optical fiber
  • Reflective pH patch