BIOspec provides flexible illumination and sensor packages for any customer’s needs. Please contact us with your requirements.

LED Based Screening Shaker

Incubator shakers are widely used to grow cultures of plants, algae and bacteria. For the photosynthetic branches of these cultures you need light to efficiently raise the cultures. In current systems the illuminations are often based on a simple white light without the options to change wavelengths distribution per flask, adjust dimming and overall capabilities to control light during the cultivation process.

At BIOspec you will be able to get retrofit LED solutions for your shaker that can add individual light scenarios per flask, including power level, spectral distribution and 24h scenarios, all controlled easily via the supplied SW or by your own software.

Laboratory based screening and growth combination parallelized with optimized illumination – which can be controlled flask based - enable a primary selection of cultivation parameters for any photosynthetic system.

Custom Photobioreactor Illuminations

For custom Photobioreactors (PBR) please contact us for your preferred solution.

Based on a wide selection of LED with various wavelengths, sophisticated capabilities of light mixing and wide power levels we would like to offer you your custom illumination for your reactor concept.

Contact us with your requierments !