For cultivating photosynthetic active strains of algae, bacteria and plants this retrofit reactor offers a state of the art illumination. It is based on LEDs with precisely selected wavelengths to provide an optimal spectral range for cultivating and growing algae.

Conventional reactor systems build on simple, low power led with limited to no capabilities of adapting illumination for photosynthesis. This retrofit reactor enables researchers to upgrade their glass based growing containers with a light source covering an extensive spectrum, reproduce sunlight or to drive custom spectra.

The SUNlike technology, unique to Biospec, enables to create conditions that are identical to large scale farming. A better preparation to upscaling has never been available.

Key Features

  • Powerful, dimmable Illumination
  • SUNlike spectra, create any spectrum
  • Existing insets can be used
  • Ethernet or USB interface
  • Sophisticated Control Software included
  • Compact Design