The UHDS has been designed für indoor open-pond algae cultivation. The scalable length can cover different width ,while with the number of lamps will define a sun support use or even a complete LED based illumination installation.

The wide spectrum can be selected between 265 to 1100 nm depending on the research requirements. The internal layout of the light power of each LED is to replicate the ASTM G 173 as world reference in spectral distribution and power. Scale up is much more predictable.

up to 1000w/m²
up to 1000 µmol/s/m²
ASTM G 173, 400-800 nm
water cooling
lamp length
400 mm, 1000 mm, 2200 mm
IP class
IP 65

RETROfit - better than new

We offer an on-demand and individual add-on system with all our technologies. Upgrading your pond system with our LED- and sensor systems is a reliable and cost-efficient solution. It’s never been that easy – just plugˈnˈgrow.


With our experience in development and production of different sensor systems we can offer you customized modules and standard solutions. The sensor systems help you to control all parameters in order to find those perfect setup for the desired result.

climate simulation

The PHYTOTRONIC software allows you to choose the season and set the time period as desired by date and day time. Temperature, light and humidity can be controlled and adjusted very precisely.


PhytoSENS measures the reflection of the plant population in the red and near infrared range and calculates from four wavelengths two vegetation indices: the IRMI is a measurement for the N-supply of the population (based on the REIP) and the IBI is a measurement of the population’s ground cover level and therefore the biomass.

data base

All data can be imported and exported from/to an excel controlled data base that is easily accessible. The database export is provided in all common formats. Raw data is provided but it is possible to display graphics in the software, too.

IP protection class

All our products have - according to their use in greenhouses with weather simulation - a high IP protection class, they are waterproof and they offer a pressure compensation system for temperature changes. They are suitable for operating in harsh environments with high temperature and high humidity.

LED-based sunlight

SUNlike system

Our LED-based light system produces a light performance equivalent to sunlight. It can supply an ASTMG-173 03 spectrum with up to 35 spectral bands and it offers a spectral range from 350 to 1100 nm. The light source was designed according to IEC 60904.

For algae research we decided to select the wavelength range from 400 to 800 nm. In this range we chose eight wavelengths in order to supply a sunlight spectrum that is almost perfect.