The LAB System Kit is the ideal solution to start investigating which wavelength and power levels are required for your photo chemistry processes. Select one or more wavelengths for integration and expose your chemistry to it.

As it comes with our proven and easy to use software solution it is the easy entry to LED based photo chemistry.

Key Features

  • Compact Size
  • Easy to use with any container
  • No active cooling required
  • Capable of multiple wavelength
  • Controlled via Software


  • Isomerization
  • Addition
  • Substitution
  • Polymerization
  • Singlet-oxygen reactions
  • Testing for photostabillity

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption  
Radiation power depends on chosen LED configuration
Interface Power 24V
Serial Communication
Availabale wavelengths See table below

LED Lab System

Moving over to LED technology in photochemical processes raises questions that have to be answered first before moving to production. Use the LAB system to gain the information you need to know. Fast!


The large opening lets you to expose your preferred container or micromixer. The exit window is adapted to the used wavelength for maximum transparence, no degrading of the window through proper material especially for the UV range.



Choose and control single LED-systems as well as definied groups in your application. Adjust the spectrum as needed in a 10bit resolution. All data can be imported and exported from/to an excel controlled data base. Compose spectra and spectrum regimes to a scenario.

LED wavelength variety

wavelength (nm) light output max. multi wavelength (mW) full width at half maximum (nm)
265 nm 40 12nm
280 nm 152 12nm
310 nm 100 12nm
340 nm 200 14nm
365 nm 1.600 18nm
375 nm 960 22nm
385 nm 2240 22nm
395 nm 2240 26nm
405 nm 2240 24nm
415 nm 800 25nm
425 nm 800 25nm
435 nm 800 28nm
455 nm 1.600 25nm
470 nm 480 25nm
505 nm 480 30nm
525 nm 480 30nm
565 nm 800 90nm
White 1.440 300nm
600 nm - 1100 nm on request on request