Photochemistry LED Reactors

Photochemistry is an expanding field in process technology targeted at high value chemicals such as pharmalogical intermediates as well as bulk products like polymeres.
Efficient photochemical processes demand solutions of appropiate lighting wavelengths that are fit to a corresponding reactor concept.
BIOspec offers –

For laboratory applications

a complete range of state of the art photoreactor geometries and associated LED-lighting solutions in a lighting range from 265 to 1100nm.

For technical validation

for technical enabling and validating process technologies BIOspec offers a range of photochemical reactor systems that are based on our laboratory range but with an increased volume throughput. Based on our customer’s demand we drive scaling of novel photochemical processes to industrial applications.


Typical applications of photochemcial processes:


  • Isomerization
  • Addition
  • Substitution
  • Polymerization
  • Singlet-oxygen reactions

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics research

  • Testing for photostabillity